Ladies Golf Leagues

Ladies & Couples Golf Leagues

Cove Cay Golf Club has ladies golf leagues that welcome all skill levels to enjoy league play, year-round! We welcome beginner golfers, intermediate and advanced golfers to learn the game or improve their skills in a fun, no pressure group setting. Our Divot Divas golf league plays 4 times each week all year. Our Tuesday ladies golf league is seasonal and run by our lovely snow birds! We also have a Couples Sunday Golf League that runs November through April.

Cove Cay Women’s Golf Association 

This league plays on Tuesdays at 8:30am. November – April.
League President Trudy Collins welcomes new members to join the fun.
Please arrive at 8:00am as it is a Shotgun Start. Golfers need to be at their starting holes at 8:30am ready to play.
This league require a USGA handicap.
Please contact Trudy Collins if you would like to join. You do not have to play every week to be a part of this group. Call or Text Trudy at 905-999-4698 or email

Welcome to Cove Cay Divot Divas Golf Leagues!

The Divot Divas are a fun league that welcomes all skill levels and runs year-round. There is no membership fee and no golf Handicap is needed, but we do require ALL golfers to pick up their ball at 3 over par, or Scramble in order to maintain pace of play. If you can’t see the group in front of you, you are too slow! The best day for New golfers is Sundays at 3 pm or Tuesdays at 1pm for 9-holes. We urge new golfers to Scramble to keep pace of play and have fun while learning the game of golf and improving skills.

Divot Diva League days are as follows,

10:30am 18-Holes
1pm 9-Holes

League Manager Brenda Dupra

Thursday Evening 9-holes (April-October)
* Shotgun start at 5:30 pm
League Manager Lori Fisher

Fridays 18-Holes Only
* Tee times start at 9 am.
League Manager Linda Simmons

Sundays 18 or 9-Holes
* 18-hole Tee Times start 1 pm
* 9-hole Tee times start at 3 pm
League Manager Kathy Arnold 

To join Divot Divas, email Kathy Arnold with your Name, email & mobile phone number to be added to Golf Genius. We use the Golf Genius system to manage the Divot Diva Leagues email invites, Sign ups, create pairings & send out the Tee Sheets.

You will receive 4 email invites each week. (One for each league.) If you don’t see the invites, check your Promotions or Spam folders. Invites will have details of the round & the sign up deadline. RSVP by Selecting “Playing” if you want to golf. Delete the invites if you are not going to golf that day.

All rounds are for 18 holes. Exceptions are those with a 9 after your name, Thursdays evenings are always 9 holes, or you can notify the manager with your name & “9 holes”. Always Arrive 30 minutes before your Tee Time & be ready to start on time. 

To be added After the Deadline you can TEXT that day’s League manager who may add you only if there is an open spot or a cancellation.

WE WELCOME YOU to join in on the FUN! Please join us after golf for drinks, dinner & socializing in the clubhouse!

Cove Cay Couples Golf League 

This is a Members Only league that plays every Sunday from November-April with tee times beginning at 11:30am.
Members will find League Captain info in their Member Newsletter.