Bill Shriver PGA

Bill Shriver PGA

Bill Shriver, PGA has been a PGA Class A Member since 1994 and has a wealth of knowledge and experience that he brings to his golf instruction, including an extensive tournament record and club fitting skills that many golf teachers don’t have. He co-owns Cove Cay Golf Club with his wife Pat Shriver, PGA.

Bill is a certified PING club fitter and can custom fit all Shriver Golf Academy clients in order to ensure the client gets the absolute best lesson and fitting experience. Bill wants every Shriver Academy Golf student leaving the lesson with properly fitting golf equipment and the tools to best use that equipment.

Bill has an outstanding record as a player, which makes him extremely qualified to teach clients how to play their best golf. He has played in 5 Nationwide Tour events, 4 PGA Tour events, and 4 National Club Professional Championships. Bill won North Florida PGA Player of the Year in 1999.

Bill and Pat Shriver were awarded PING Club Fitters of the Year in 2007 and are recommended by PING. Tour players on the Canadien Tour, LPGA Tour, Futures Tour have been taught and fitted by Bill. Focusing on scoring and course management is a big part of Bill’s teaching, taking students on the golf course for many of their lessons.

The most effective way to learn to play golf is on the golf course with equipment that fits you and your game properly. Working with Juniors, Men , Women, Seniors and Special Olympics, Shriver works with students of all ages and skill levels to help them play their best golf. Bill is especially talented with helping Seniors find equipment that fits them properly, enabling them to play better golf.

Bill has a special talent for finding the right driver for Seniors, enabling them to hit the ball higher, which makes a big difference in their games. Senior golfers have renewed energy about their golf when Bill properly fits them with the correct lofted driver for them. The key to playing good golf is commitment and dedication to practice and developing the skills mentally and physically that will help a student shoot their lowest scores. Bill is able to teach golfers how to play their best.

Currently, Bill is working alongside his wife Pat, coaching several teenage golfers that they have coached since they were 5-6 yrs old. These young adults are on their way to great careers in golf! Start on your new road to success with your golf game with Shriver Golf Academy today!

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Bill Shriver, Stableford Champion 2019